Welcome to our research group website! In our work we are interested in the properties of black holes, gravitational waves, investigate the behaviour of quantum fields in curved spacetimes and develop and test models of the very early (inflation, quantum cosmology) and the late universe (dark energy, modified gravity).


Our research interests include:

  • Black holes
  • Dark energy and modified gravity
  • Gravitational waves
  • Inflation
  • Quantum field theory in curved spacetimes
  • Quantum gravity and quantum cosmology

For detailed information, please take a look at the individual webpages of the members in our group.

We are part of the Consortium for Fundamental Physics (jointly with the Universities of Manchester and Lancaster) and are funded in part by STFC and the Royal Society.

In September 2020 we hosted the first (and so far only) Virtual UK Cosmo meeting which brought together the UK cosmology community in a virtual setting.